#20 Employee Discounts

NEIBA Question of the Week #20

The NEIBA Board members are starting a Question of the Week on the NEIBA Group at Yahoo! Groups (our Listserv). The goal is to share everyone’s common knowledge about bookselling or anything related to independent bookstores.  It is our hope that after the Board has run through with their questions other members will continue the asking.

This week’s question is:

I am in process of reviewing our employee discount and wonder what discount is offered by other bookstores. Any info appreciated.
Susan Mercier, Edgartown Books

Suzy Staubach, UConn Co-op Bookstore at Storrs Center

30%. Once a year before the holidays – 40%.

Michael, Gibsons

We do a standard 40% off the list on almost everything. If it’s short discount, we try to have employees buy those items at cost (e.g., if it’s 25% from Ingram, it’s 25% off to the employee).

Ellen Burns, Books on the Common

We offer a 30% discount to our employees, and to one other person — Sally Ruggles, the founder of our store who ran it for 20 years before we bought it from her 10 years ago. We figured 20 years in the biz deserved a lifetime discount.

Fran, The Hickory Stick Bookshop

30 %

Vicky Titcomb, Titcomb’s Bookshop

We offer a 35% discount to staff unless there is a short discount.
Nancy S, Northshire

We offer a 35% discount.

Employees over 5 years with us receive a deeper discount on all things that are not short discounted.

Once per year before the holidays, employees enjoy a 45% discount shopping week.

Alice Hutchinson, Byrd’s Books


Nancy, Broadside Bookshop, Inc.

We also give employees 40% and cost on short discount books.

Arna, Buttonwood

We offer a 30% discount

Wendy Hudson, Nantucket

We do the same as Michael – 40% off or store cost if less than that. I’ve always figured it’s an easy way to give a generous perk.

(For years we even let staff charge to a store account, but that got ridiculous when I had to take a former employee with a book addiction to small claims court… don’t make that mistake, ugh!)

Nancy Oliver, Wit & Whimsy

We offer employees a 40% discount on most of their purchases. The exception is if we are ordering through one of the wholesalers, and the book has a short discount. Then we offer the book to them at the wholesale price.

Nancy, Everyone’s Books, Brattleboro, Vt

We also give 40% or cost to us if it is a short discount. I feel so lucky to have my staff- this is a perk that makes sense to me.

Emily Crowe, The Odyssey Bookshop

We have a standard 40% off or at-cost-price for short discount items. As others have mentioned, it’s one of the best perks we can offer our employees.

Annie, Bank Square

We offer a 30% discount to our employees, and free coffee.

Susan, Books on the Square

We offer a 30% discount to all employees.