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Dan Brown, Margot Livesey, Wendell Minor and Nathaniel Philbrick are all

We invite authors and illustrators, sales reps and publicists – anyone in the wider book industry – to add your unique voice and perspective to the conversation.

We have created a new level of membership, “Friends of New England Independent Booksellers,” as a way to not only enhance NEIBA revenue, but to strengthen our bookstores who continue to support readers and authors in ways that online booksellers cannot. We welcome your membership!

Please see Who are Friends of NEIBA, for a list of the Friends of the NEIBA and links to their websites, who have joined to support the mission of the NEIBA.

The mission of the New England Independent Booksellers Association (NEIBA) is to further the success of professional independent booksellers in New England and to foster a vital and supportive bookselling community.

The NEIBA offers many services and programs to its members:

The NEIBA annual Fall Conference, with over 50 authors in attendance, is designed for booksellers to network with and learn from other booksellers and to expose them to a wide variety of publishers and authors. Booksellers can connect with authors and publishers at the Fall Conference. and get to know them and their books.

The Holiday Catalog featuring dozens of new books from a wide range of publishers. The catalog is a proven method to introduce stores to new customers and to give those customers a reason to visit your stores and buy books.

All About the Books events that introduce authors to frontline booksellers and buyers, the annual New England Book Awards. NEIBA has become an important force in the bookselling life of New England.

2018 was a good year for New England independent bookstores.

Many stores are reporting double-digit growth. Some of our stores are opening second locations. The narrative that bookstores are closing has proven false as independent bookstores continue to support their local schools, libraries, church and civic organizations in meaningful ways. If you have a local bookstore you know how central it is to the culture of your town and your books.  But their survival is not guaranteed.

The New England Independent Booksellers Association is 45 years old. We boast 175 stores and 250 members. We are hopeful about the future of independent bookselling in New England but we need your help.  In this spirit we hope you will renew your membership, or become a new FRIEND of  New England Booksellers.

As a 2019 FRIEND of New England Independent Booksellers you will help to:

  • Introduce nearly 100 authors to booksellers in New England through our All About the Books programs and the annual Fall Conference.
  • Create scholarships for booksellers to attend educational workshops, and underwrite grants to stores creating shop local initiatives.
  • Sustain the mission of New England Independent Booksellers Association to further the success of professional bookstores in New England and to foster a vital bookselling community.
  • Fund a new scholarship to send new-to-bookselling store staffers from our region, selected through a process that prioritizes diversity and inclusion, to their first NEIBA Trade Show, BookExpo, or American Bookseller’s Association’s Winter Institute.

Your support as a FRIEND of New England Independent Booksellers is enormously important and we hope you will join at whatever level you can.

Membership in the program runs a calendar year, from January 1 to December 31. For your support, Friends will receive a Thank You letter from NEIBA, as well as a Friends of New England Booksellers decal.

Make your check payable to NEIBA and mail to:

One Beacon Street, 15th Floor, Boston, MA 02109

Please include your email address if you are comfortable sharing with us. We assure you that we will never share or sell our Friends of New England Independent Booksellers email list.

Friends Flyer

(PDF – download, print, return with payment)