In these uncertain times, we’ve created a resource for booksellers,
publishers, and loyal readers. Click below for…

A map of NEIBA bookstores and their current availability.

A directory of New England sales reps for customer service concerns.

A directory of publishers and their various imprints.

State-by-state resources for COVID-19 (including disaster relief loans).

A list of promotional offerings and updated terms from vendors.

An update to our re-scheduled Spring Forum (now June 10-11).P

What to Do Now

Here is a brief to-do list you can use as this situation evolves.
If you’ve already implemented something successfully at your store, please share it with us.
  • Connect with vendors: ask about holding shipments, extended dating, etc.
  • Return any books for cancelled events ASAP.
  • Talk to your landlord and ask for rent relief.
  • Connect with Binc if a financial need arrises and share Binc’s information with your staff.
  • Offer in-store alternatives to your customers:
  • Offer curbside pick-up.
  • Offer home delivery.
  • Promote your e-commerce site. (If you don’t have e-commerce, connect with the ABA or create an easy site).
  • Suggest customers purchase gift cards/certificates to use in-store at a later date.
  • Be active online: be it via email, your website, social media.
  • Stream traditional in-person events, like story hours or book clubs.
  • Share this great blog post from with your customers.

Assistance & Resources

Financial Assistance

Technical Assistance

General Assistance