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For IndieCommerce stores, the 2018 NEIBA Holiday Catalog page has now been added to the IndieCommerce site. All you need to do is create this link and publicize it: and the catalog page will work with a shopping cart.

So Gibson’s Bookstore would be:

and so on…


If you don’t have an IndieCommerce site here is a  “stripped” version of the catalog.
Just add the unique-to-their-store “buy the books” links under each title.


And if you need it for your web site, social media or to make shelf talkers HERE is the text of the catalog in a WORD document.

Email if you have any questions.

NEIBA Holiday Catalog Programs:

Catalog Displays

NEW – The return of the $50 rebate!!

Display the catalog and a selection of at least 25 titles for at least two weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Email your display photo to by January 25, 2019 OR post the photo on the social media platform of your choice, tag NEIBA and get $50…
If you post the photo on social media you must tag NEIBA!
Facebook – New-England-Independent-Booksellers-Association-NEIBA
Instagram – neibabooks
Twitter – NEIBA2


50% subsidy of your distribution cost

by media insert or direct mail – up to $300
YOU choose the newspaper which best fits your store market
YOU determine, in conjunction with your newspaper, where inserts appear
SEND us a copy of your invoice by January 25, 2019 and we will pay half (up to $300)

*In return for the subsidy we ask that you share sales information on catalog titles with us. All figures will be kept confidential and the only figures that will be shared with publishers are aggregates for all reporting stores.


August 3
Deadline for catalog orders, imprint copy and artwork

August 3
NEIBA Membership MUST be renewed by this date for order to be filled

August 24
Payments due (if ordering extra and/or imprinted catalogs)


Make checks payable to BookPage
Elizabeth Grace Herbert * BookPage
2143 Belcourt Avenue * Nashville, TN 37212
Phone (615) 292-8926 x 34 * Fax (615) 292-8249

Include NEIBA and store name in the subject line.


Remember – we will NOT be shipping free copies of the Catalog automatically. You MUST order them (500 minimum) using the order form.

Imprint fees are due by the date noted on contract. Invoices will not be issued – the contract serves as statement of amount due.

For newspaper insertions, be sure to include the specific newspaper name (not just the printing facility name) and the insertion date (not too close to 11/1/17 in case there is a delay in delivery).

Target date for catalog delivery is on or before November 1, 2018.


How are titles selected for the holiday catalog?

• Publishers are the primary decision-makers in what titles are available for advertising in the holiday catalog. We have a good relationship with our publishing partners who tend to know our market, know what books they have marketing budgets for, and propose books accordingly.

• If a title seems questionable to the indie market, a conversation may take place with the publisher; we always keep an eye on free speech and free press, and respect to diversity and content in every way.

• Title lists are on the NEIBA website well in advance of catalog publication for review by booksellers. (Links are provided in the organization newsletter.) If a title seems objectionable, booksellers are welcome to contact NEIBA before catalog publication.

• Free speech extends to titles and viewpoints an individual bookseller might not agree with.