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On Wednesday, May 1, 2019, Baker & Taylor announced that it would no longer distribute books to their retail accounts. Below is the timeline of closures. If you are a Baker & Taylor customer, please take note of these dates.

• Current promotions will end on May 31.
• Paperback Essentials will end with the May 14 shipment.
• B&T will support the Indie Next program through May 31 (June Indie Next titles).
• B&T will ship author event orders through June 1.
• My Books & More websites will continue to operate until June 30.
• B&T will ship NYP titles through June, all open orders for pub dates after July 1 will be cancelled. If you would like a report of what is on order with a pub date after July 1, reach out to your rep.
• The last day for shipping all other orders is July 15. Any orders received after noon on July 15 will be cancelled. This includes Home Delivery orders.
• The last day B&T will accept overstock returns at the return center is July 30.
• 2019 Co-op reports can be requested. All requests need to be made by July 1 and reports will be sent to you by the end of August.


Bookazine is a full-service wholesaler, serving the book industry since 1929. We offer an unparalleled selection of titles, fast shipping and the friendly service you deserve. We are an independent wholesaler servicing the independent bookstore community.

To open an account with us or learn how we can better serve you, log onto

For a Bookazine contact person, Rick Gallagher T: 201.858.7559 or E:

Also, Cynthia Raiton, NEIBA Advisory Council member, is happy to field any questions.

Cynthia Raiton, President, Sales
Bookazine Co., Inc.
75 Hook Rd.
Bayonne, NJ 07002
T: +1.201.858.7566


Ingram offers special programs designed to fit the unique needs of indie bookstores, including access to a huge inventory of products, and dedicated support.

As outlined by chief commercial officer Shawn Everson, Ingram is implementing the following:

  • “Quick and effective evaluation of credit limits for all independent stores to accommodate the change in the wholesale landscape; credit limits for accounts under $1 million are complete, while the transition is happening now for those over $1 million.
  • Fast-tracking new accounts if they were only working with B&T; all accounts will be set up by the end of this week.
  • Immediate review of stocking levels in all distribution centers to be sure books are there when indies need them; Ingram has been in frequent and ongoing conversations with publishers to ensure inventory levels and is looking at delivery options to speed supply to the northeast and western parts of the country, especially around the holidays.
  • Moving low-volume tier stores to standard terms, effective June 1, 2019, through May 31, 2020, to proactively help stores qualify for improved terms.
  • Emphasizing the Booklove program [which offers rebates when certain sales goals are met] and reinforcing the idea that there is margin in Booklove participation; the program includes all sales with Ingram, both wholesale and through IPS/distribution clients, making it easier for stores to hit the rebate threshold. Additionally, Booklove is now featured on booksellers’ ipage dashboard.
  • Launching an automatic shipment tracking e-mail, for which hundreds of booksellers have signed up.
  • Launching Ingram’s Stock Check app to help booksellers get even faster information about what’s in stock by scanning a book’s barcode with their smartphones.”



New Bookstore Account Opening Order Program
Any new account that meets the Capstone accounting criteria will receive the following:
First order of 15 or more assorted books will earn a 53% discount plus FF
Subsequent orders will receive regular terms: 1-249 = 50%; 250+ = 55%. Free Freight on 15+.
Opening order must use promo code: NewAcct2019.

TO ORDER: See your Capstone Representative or Contact Capstone customer service department, Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, central time.
Toll Free Phone:                    1-877-245-4892
Toll Free Fax:                         1-888-262-0705
Mail: Capstone Customer Service, 1710 Roe Crest Drive, North Mankato, MN 56003

Program ends December 31, 2019.

All discounts, prices, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.


In addition to longstanding programs–CHIRP, the indie handselling program; CHIRP Evergreen, which promotes backlist favorites; and new store programs–Candlewick’s new, enhanced offers include:

  • Candlewick’s seasonal backlist stock offer, providing additional discount and dating, now has a reduced unit minimum and is available multiple times per season. For more details, click here.
  • Candlewick has added a wholesale offer for indie bookstores that have book fair adjuncts.
  • Candlewick is a participating client publisher in PRH’s Indie Express program for bookstores that had been ordering exclusively from B&T.

John Mendelson, Candlewick’s senior v-p of sales, commented: “Candlewick is committed to supporting our independent bookselling partners, especially during this period of change. We hope that our new and existing special offers contribute to the vitality of a diverse retail marketplace.”

To learn more about Candlewick’s offers, accounts should contact their Candlewick sales rep directly or e-mail Elise Supovitz.


In response to Baker & Taylor exiting the retail wholesale market, Free Spirit Publishing is pleased to announce that we will offer special terms for indie bookstores looking to establish direct accounts with publishers. We believe in the importance of our titles and the value of independent bookstores. We are committed to supporting indies during this transition and moving forward.

For more than 35 years, Free Spirit Publishing—best known for the award-winning title Hands Are Not for Hitting—has been committed to publishing resources that meet kids where they are (not where we wish they were). Our books support kids’ social and emotional learning and educational needs to help them build resiliency and foster a positive outlook on life to reach their goals. For more information, click here to read Free Spirit’s press release.

  • Click here to view Free Spirit’s special discounts and terms.
  • Click here to view Free Spirit’s complete frontlist, backlist, and specialty catalogs on Edelweiss+. Add as a contact on Edelweiss+ to place an order.

Please contact (or 612-338-2068) for expedited help opening an account or to confirm discounts and terms for existing accounts.

Under Hachette‘s program, which is called “Indie Direct,” any independent bookstore that does not already have an account with HBG is eligible. Accounts must be set up and orders must be received by August 30, 2019

According to an email sent to booksellers, the benefits are as follows:

  • Independent booksellers will have expedited account set-up.
  • There is no minimum quantity on the bookstore’s initial order.
  • Independent booksellers will have expedited credit approval.
  • Additional discount for participating bookstore’s initial order in the program.
  • Promotion applies to all HBG titles and participating client publisher product.
  • Participating client publishers include: Abrams, Chronicle Books, Disney Book Group, Hachette UK, Kids Can Press, Moleskine, Octopus, Phaidon, piKids, Quercus / Nicholas Brealey, Quarto Publishing Group, and Yen Press

HBG’s telephone sales team is available to answer questions or assist and can be reached at or 800-934- 5252.


For all bricks and mortar independent bookstores who were ordering all their HarperCollins, Harlequin and HarperCollins Christian titles from Baker & Taylor, we offer fast-tracked credit approval and account set up to help you open a new HarperCollins account.

To apply:

Once you have an account

  • A sales consultant will be assigned to help you with order questions, register you on our customer service website and make sure you are maximizing our terms of sale.
  • Orders received by 3pm (EST) will ship out the next business day
  • All HarperCollins, Harlequin and HarperCollins Christian titles can be combined on orders.
  • Our frontlist and backlist catalogs are available on Edelweiss and we encourage all accounts to 
utilize the tools available on Above the Treeline.


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books & Media has launched Fast Track, a program for independent bookstores that were affected by the B&T decision.

Under the offer–which lasts until October 1, for all front and backlist orders–the publisher provides expedited account setup for new accounts that were working with B&T; special offer on the first order; no minimum order quantities; and free outbound shipping. In addition, HMH is offering the opportunity to order backlist under new terms. Interested stores can contact their rep or reach out via Indie Fast Track.

“HMH is committed to our independent bookstore partners and to a flourishing retail marketplace,” said Ed Spade, v-p, sales and national accounts. “We’re glad that we can offer the Fast Track program to streamline new account set up and initial ordering for these valued indie accounts and we’re grateful for the support they provide for our books and authors.”

Contact for more information.


Independent Publishers Group has launched the Indie Direct program, which offers special terms for one order placed between May 10 and September 1. For new accounts, there is no prepayment required for the first order, and there’s an automatic credit limit of $1,000 for opening a new account, with no credit application required.
For all accounts, new and current, on the order there is an additional 5% discount on an order of 10 or more units; net 60 dating on the order; free freight for 10 or more units ordered; and qualifying orders placed by 11 a.m. Central time will ship by the end of the next business day.
More information, including a promo code and ordering details, will be sent directly to bookstores from IPG’s dedicated indie bookstore sales team. In the meantime, stores can contact customer service at (800) 888-IPG1 or


MACMILLAN – Credit Application


New Harbinger Publications wants to let the independent bookstores in your association know how important they are to us. We are extending an initial order incentive to partner with us direct and again just want to let the indies know we are here for them.

The attached documents are as follows:


Peachtree Publishing Company Inc. today announced it will offer a package of special terms to new customers and those who have not ordered from Peachtree for more than a year. Specifically, the company wants to reach those independent booksellers impacted by Baker & Taylor’s recent announcement that it will no longer distribute books to retail accounts.

For these customers, Peachtree has issued the following incentives (valid until November 1, 2019):
     A special discount on initial orders; 

     A simple online application for new accounts; 

     Free freight with low minimums. 

Peachtree also confirmed that in addition to ordering directly from the company, booksellers can work with a network of experienced sales representatives serving indie booksellers all over the country. The company partners with Como Sales, Parson Weems Publisher Services, Imprint Group, and Fujii Associates.

“We understand many booksellers are actively seeking alternative ways to stock their stores,” said Margaret Quinlin, Peachtree President and Publisher. “We are grateful for their ongoing support of our titles and want to do whatever we can to return the favor.”

For more information on terms or to open a new account, please email 

Peachtree Publishing Company Inc. produces award-winning children’s books, ranging from board books and picture books to middle grade and young adult fiction and nonfiction. We create books that educate, entertain, encourage, and endure. 


Dear Baker & Taylor Independent Bookstore Customer,

We are writing you about our new program designed for independent booksellers who have been ordering all their Penguin Random House inventory through Baker & Taylor. We value your support of our books and authors, and would like to help make the upcoming transition as easy as possible for you and your staff.

If you do not currently have a Penguin Random House account, or if your Penguin Random House account has been inactive for more than a year, you are eligible for our Indies Express program, which includes:

  • A streamlined new-account application (now available online) – no opening order necessary
  • A streamlined credit-approval process (for Baker & Taylor customers in good standing)
  • Special offer on your first order (includes a lower unit-minimum)
  • Dedicated PRH sales director with expertise in helping B&T customers transition to ordering directly from Penguin Random House
  • Dedicated PRH sales reps (community bookstore specialists) to help you navigate seasonal frontlist ordering and backlist replenishment
  • Special offer from Above the Treeline to help with inventory management

Many of us are former independent booksellers, so we know firsthand how busy you are, and how important it is for you to be able to focus on running your business and serving your customers. We hope you will contact us soon, and we look forward to working with you more closely in the future.

Thank you again for everything you do to support our titles,
The Penguin Random House Sales Team

For more information, e-mail
(This offer expires on 10/1/2019)


Scholastic Indie Express Ship Program. Scholastic Trade Publishing would like to let our indie bookseller customers know that we are here to assist you in the transition from B&T’s exit from the retail business. We know that there are many viable wholesale options for you to order Scholastic books, and want to make this transition as seamless as possible for you so we’re offering the following for direct purchases from Scholastic:

1)Scholastic will institute our popular HOLIDAY EXPRESS SHIP PROGRAM effective June 1st, 2019! Place your backlist orders directly with Scholastic between June 1st, 2019 and August 30, 2019, and receive express, two-day shipping for the summer!

2)We are extending our Backlist Stock Offer to July 31st, 2019. With this offer, you have the choice of an additional 2% discount, or delayed billing untilthe extended date of October 15th.3)Whether you are an existing or new account with Scholastic, we are ready to assist with your order.

a.For existing accounts, please contact your sales rep or Customer Service directly with questions or to place your order.

b.For new accounts, we have set up a dedicated email and phone number (see below) to take you quickly through the new account set up process, answer any questions you may have and get your opening order on its way –no minimum quantity needed for opening order.

c.Our credit department will work expeditiously to ensure your orders are approved and processed quickly.

Customer Service email: Customer Service phone #: 877-624-2767


Simon & Schuster today announced that it was launching Indie Quick Start, an enhanced direct purchasing enrollment program designed for any independent bookstore that does not have a current account with Simon & Schuster and that will be impacted by the recent Baker & Taylor decision to cease serving retail accounts. In order to participate, the new account must be set up and have placed orders with Simon & Schuster by August 30.

As part of the program, Simon & Schuster is offering to independent bookstores without a current account, or accounts that have been inactive for a year:

  • Expedited application and credit approval process
  • Quick initial order processing and no minimum for new customer initial orders
  • Simon & Schuster’s previously announced promotional terms for new store openings

Titles included in the Indie Quick Start program include all of Simon & Schuster’s wholly-owned publishing and the titles of its distribution client publishers.

“Simon & Schuster values and is committed to our independent bookstore partners and the overall health of the retail marketplace,” said Gary Urda, Senior Vice President, Sales, Simon & Schuster. “With this Indie Quick Start program we hope to both ease and speed the path to direct ordering for new customers, creating and building new relationships in this important bookselling channel. We are also working closely with all of our demand wholesale partners to insure that they, too, are fully prepared to supply this important marketplace with our titles. In short, we are open for business, ready to welcome new indie accounts, and look forward to providing them with our world-class customer service.”

Simon & Schuster has assigned a dedicated customer service representative to handle the Indie Quick Start process, and has set up a dedicated phone line and email inbox. For more information booksellers can contact Simon & Schuster at 800-976-1725 or


In response to Baker & Taylor’s decision no longer to sell to the retail wholesale market, Workman Publishing is making major changes to both new and existing independent accounts, aiming to make it easier for accounts to order both frontlist and backlist titles. The changes are effective immediately and apply to all Workman imprints, including Workman Publishing, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, Algonquin Young Readers, Artisan, Storey Publishing and Timber Press, as well as distribution clients The Experiment, duopress and Erewhon Books.

New terms include lower minimums for free freight; changing how backlist is defined to make it easier for indie accounts to reach minimums on backlist stock-up offers; extra discount earned on face-out quantities on all frontlist titles; an easy credit application process for new accounts (now available online); and a new store special with no minimum.

Existing accounts should contact their sales representative for more information, and details will also be available via the American Booksellers Association and regional independent booksellers associations. New accounts that complete an online form will receive a response within 24 hours and the credit-approval process will be  expedited.

James Wehrle, Workman’s executive director of sales, commented: “Baker & Taylor’s transition away from serving retail accounts creates an opportunity to examine our relationship with independent bookstores and redefine it in ways that are good for the health of all of us. Our response addresses the needs of smaller accounts that were previously sourcing exclusively through wholesalers, and existing indie partners as well.”

And CEO Dan Reynolds noted that “from the moment of Workman’s founding over 50 years ago, independent bookstores have been critically important to our success as an independent publisher. Indies are open to all the different kinds of books we publish, including the quirkier ones, and have provided a generous home in their sections for our backlist. Given that 80% of our sales by volume is generated by our rich and vibrant backlist, that’s no small thing. We also feel a special kinship with indies because of relationships forged through our own invaluable independent sales reps. As soon as we learned of the Baker & Taylor news, we knew it was time to step up and do what we could to strengthen our partnership with this core segment of our business.”