NEIBA Edelweiss Publisher Advocate Program

NEIBA is proud to unveil a new program that will help booksellers in the seasonal order process.

Click here to download a pdf with all the details.

Publisher Advocate will give booksellers who don’t see reps or speak with phone sales, access to marked-up Edelweiss catalogs


Create an Edelweiss account if you don’t already have one. (See Edelweiss tips below)

Email and say which catalogs you want to receive. (See below for the list of publishers participating.)

Sit back and wait for them to arrive in your mailbox.

Review the marked-up catalogs when they arrive, and make buying decisions based on the experience and knowledge provided by the house or telesales rep.

Place your order through your normal channels, whether direct or through a wholesaler.

Only sign-up for catalogs that you don’t receive from a house rep or inside sales. Orders must be placed through your normal channel. The reps providing the marked-up catalogs will not be placing the order. (So don’t hit the “place order now” button on the marked up catalogs.)

Edelweiss Instructions & Links
To open an Edelweiss account and gain access to all the publishers catalogs:

*NOTE: Orders generated through the Publishers Advocate program must go through your normal ordering channels. Do not use the “Create Order” button in Edelweiss.

Catalogs available:

You can check off the catalogs you need and fax [617-547-3759] or scan/email

If faxing, please provide store name & email:__________________________________________
____ Barefoot Books

____ Career Press

____ Chronicle

____ HarperCollins Publishers

____ Harvard/MIT/Yale University Presses

____ Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

____ Island Press

____ John F. Blair

____ Johns Hopkins

____ Lonely Planet

____ Macmillan (all lines)

____ Midpoint

____ Penguin Kids

____ Penguin Paperbacks

____ Peterson Institute for International Economics

____ Random House Kids
____ Random House Adult

____ Scholastic, Inc.

____ Simon & Schuster (all lines)

____ Sourcebooks

____ Tuttle

____ UNC

____ University of Chicago Press

____ Wiley

____ WW Norton

____ Workman/Algonquin/Artisan/Storey/Timber/Black Dog & Leventhal/The Experiment/HighBridge

Are there any catalogs you would like to receive that aren’t on this list? We’ll be happy to contact the publisher for you. Email

Fine Print: This program is open to any bookstore in the NEIBA region, but you have to be a NEIBA member.



There are many stores missing out on the benefits of marked-up catalogs. That translates into lost sales for publishers and booksellers.

We need reps to volunteer to send their mark-up catalogs to underserved bookstores throughout our region. We’d also like reps (field, inhouse) with an eye for collections to do the same. We would provide you with the emails of the stores, and sending the catalogs is the only obligation you have. Orders would be handled in whatever manner is in place for each individual stores.

Email to volunteer.