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Learn and engage with our NEIBA community of member booksellers about programs and best practices in independent stores.

If you own or manage a bookstore in one of our member states (CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, VT), we urge you to join NEIBA. The Association is a remarkable resource for learning from other booksellers and for staying on top of the industry at large while maintaining a particular focus on aspects most crucial to independent bookselling in the New England and New York.

Membership in the NEIBA includes membership in the New England Children Booksellers Association (NECBA). Open to any member actively involved in children’s bookselling, the Council meets three times a year to represent the interests of this important specialty and is integral to all programs and events we plan.

The NEIBA annual Fall Conference is designed for booksellers to network with and learn from other booksellers and to expose them to a wide variety of publishers and authors. The Fall Conference provides an exciting forum for the display of new titles and the exchange of information about bookselling and books. Booksellers from throughout New England and New York and publishers from all across the nation attend.

The Holiday Catalog featuring dozens of new books from a wide range of publishers. The catalog is a proven method to introduce stores to new customers and to give those customers a reason to visit your stores and buy books. To promote giving books as gifts during the holidays catalogs are distributed to consumers in New England on November and December.

All About the Books, shop-talks and workshops focusing on topics of professional interest to booksellers are held during the year at various New England locations. Bookseller education is a an NEIBA priority. All About the Books events that introduce authors to front line booksellers and buyers, along with the annual New England Book Awards have helped make the NEIBA an important force in the book selling life of New England.

NEIBA membership offers booksellers and other book industry personnel easy access to a network of professional connections. The NEIBA listserv, which are NEIBA and NECBA Yahoo Groups, reaches members instantly with time-sensitive announcements and news.

In collaboration with the American Booksellers Association, the NEIBA publishes the Indie Bestseller List based on sales from participating stores in New England and New York.

The Peer Review Program features in-store visits from fellow booksellers who will assist with budgeting, merchandising, buying, coop, staffing and general operations. In addition to the NEIBA Peer Reviews that we have so successfully done with 40 NEIBA stores, we are now offering Website Peer Reviews.

NEIBA grants were established to help members develop effective local independent business alliances within their communities and give them the tools to shift consumer culture toward supporting locally-owned, independent businesses.

Joining with other organizations and groups in working for literacy and First Amendment rights, NEIBA serves as an advocate for the rights of booksellers and the general public. The NEIBA office acts as a resource center by providing information about the retail book industry in New England to members, the media and the general public.

NEIBA advocates for a level playing field for all book retailers and promotes media and public awareness of the importance of independent bookstores to our communities and to our culture.


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Publisher Promotion Offers

Keeping track of publishers’ on-going specials, especially for backlist, can be daunting. When you are ready to place an order on Monday morning, you can’t find that darn email that lists the promotion. This new program was created by NAIBA as a way to get your special deals in front of the booksellers at the time they are placing orders. More…