BPRNE Bylaws

Bylaws of the
Book Publishers Representatives
of New England

Article One:
The name of our Association will be “Book Publishers Representatives of New England”.

Article Two:
The Main objective of the Association is social: a place to gather and celebrate with our peers. We will also celebrate the outstanding merit and/or retirement of booksellers. Annually, we will supply
the “Directory of Book Publishers Representatives of New England” to booksellers. The Board may select a committee to advise it on industry issues.

Article Three:
Any book publisher’s sales representative shall be eligible for membership providing they remain current with their dues. Should a member of our Association change positions, remaining a part of
publishing, they may retain membership.

There shall be no initiation fee. The annual dues shall be set by the Board at the Fall Meeting and approved by two-thirds vote from the membership.

Any member desiring to resign from the Association can do so by notifying the Secretary in writing.

Article Four:
The officers of the Association are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Directors who are made up of the most recent past three Presidents still retaining their membership. The
officers shall perform the duties prescribed in the bylaws and parliamentary authority adopted by the Association.

An association member may become an officer by volunteering his/her candidacy prior to or during the fall annual meeting, and their election to that position will be confirmed by a 2/3 vote of the
members. Each officer shall spend two years in his/her elected position, and may run for a different board position after their term has ended. Should an officer be unable to fulfill the responsibility
for the full two-year term, he/she can be replaced by the other officers and approved at the following meeting by a 2/3 vote.

Article Five:
The regular meetings of the Association will be in the Spring and Fall of each year. The Fall Meeting will be known as the Annual Meeting and shall be for the purpose of introducing the new officers
and general business.

Special Meetings may be called by the President or by the Executive Board. The purpose of the meeting will be stated in the call.

Four members of the Association will constitute a quorum.

Article Six:
Executive Board
The officers of the Association, including the Directors, shall constitute the Executive Board. The Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Association. The Board will be subject to the orders of the Association. Meetings of the Board will be called by the President with the approval of three members of the Board.

Article Seven:
Parliamentary Authority
The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable.

Article Eight:
Amendment of Bylaws
These laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Association by two-thirds vote.