In these uncertain times, we’ve created a resource for booksellers,
publishers, and loyal readers. Click below for…

A map of NEIBA bookstores and their current availability.

A directory of New England sales reps for customer service concerns.

A directory of publishers and their various imprints.

State-by-state resources for COVID-19 (including disaster relief loans).

A list of promotional offerings and updated terms from vendors.

An update to our re-scheduled Spring Forum (now June 10-11).P

What to Do Now

Here is a brief to-do list you can use as this situation evolves.
If you’ve already implemented something successfully at your store, please share it with us.
  • Connect with vendors: ask about holding shipments, extended dating, etc.
  • Return any books for cancelled events ASAP.
  • Talk to your landlord and ask for rent relief.
  • Connect with Binc if a financial need arrises and share Binc’s information with your staff.
  • Offer in-store alternatives to your customers:
  • Offer curbside pick-up.
  • Offer home delivery.
  • Promote your e-commerce site. (If you don’t have e-commerce, connect with the ABA or create an easy site).
  • Suggest customers purchase gift cards/certificates to use in-store at a later date.
  • Be active online: be it via email, your website, social media.
  • Stream traditional in-person events, like story hours or book clubs.
  • Share this great blog post from with your customers.

Assistance & Resources

Sourcing COVID-19 Supplies

Sneeze Guards

Coronavirus Safety Signs and Social Distancing Floor Tapes

Masks and Other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Hand Sanitizer

Financial Assistance

Bookseller Relief Funds & SBA Loans

Unemployment Resources

Vendor Resources

Fundraiser Resources

Tax Resources

Technical Assistance

Holding Virtual Events

Virtual Event Grids


General Assistance

Rep Picks on April 9 (session not recorded)

Rep Picks on April 16 (click here for video)

Rep Picks on April 30 (click here for video)

Edelweiss Education on May 14 (click here for video)

Resources to Help You Cope