New England Independent Booksellers Association

Regional Bookseller Association Joint Promotion and Advertising Opportunities

Your friendly and enthusiastic regional independent bookselling trade associations have come together to offer publishers special marketing and promotional opportunities to reach a nationwide audience of indie booksellers - the very people most likely to get behind and handsell your books. In addition to our popular Creative Alert Program, we are offering cooperative website banner placement and trade show badgeholder and attendee bag sponsorship.

The regional associations have worked hard to develop cost-effective marketing opportunities that offer national exposure and still meet your budget. But space is limited, so make your reservations early!

Banner Ad on ALL 9 Regional Industry

Website Homepages

The nine regional Regionals have combined forces to bring yet another fantastic opportunity for promotion & advertising. Our combined websites garner over 300,000 successful page views each month and the number is climbing. These are the online go-to pages for all of our members and interested parties. Book your one week banner ad for $1000 or buy a month long banner ad for the reduced rate of $3500. This is an exclusive spot - your ad will not be in rotation. Email with any questions or to book your banner ad today! You can check the ad on our homepage.

Regional Trade Show Bag Sponsorship

2500 bags will be distributed across the nine regional trade shows and we will place four full color process jackets on the bag at $3000 each. The deadline to reserve bag placement is May 1. Email to express your interest.

Regional Trade Show Badgeholder Sponsorship

A single entity can purchase 7500 badgeholders for all nine regional trade shows. This is an exclusive offer and the deadline to reserve is May 1. Email to express your interest.


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