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Only NEIBA members (or those affiliated with NEIBA members) can receive this service. Our membership includes publishers, sales representatives, wholesalers and others in the book business besides booksellers, and all our members are invited to participate.

Since the service is offered by NEIBA, NEIBA must insure that anti-trust guidelines are followed .g., “boycott” is an unacceptable term, and that libel laws are observed.

We also aren't allowed to facilitate "trade conspiracies" – meaning any discussions about what specific prices to charge for an event or an item. 

The tone we hope to set is one of “civility.” Posting Emails that do not meet these applicable laws and guidelines may result in removal from the group.

Commercial use the the group email is NOT allowed.

The opinions posted on the list serv are not the opinions of NEIBA, its officers or staff but solely the responsibility of those who submitted them.

NEIBA’s listserv means you can talk with your colleagues year-round. Feel free to use it whenever you need advice or help from fellow members.

Any questions email

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