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NEIBA Web Site Ads
Home Page - 2 weeks $100 (Only ad except for regional banner ad)   
Indie Bestseller List Page - 2 weeks $50 (Exclusive Ad)

    Size 400 pixels wide by 125 pixels high (see site for sample)

NEIBA News Ads and Email Blasts

E-Newsletter goes out to over 450 booksellers, publishers every Wednesday; two ads per edition max - $100 week or $300 for a month (does not need to be the same ad)

Email blasts goes out to over 450 booksellers, publishers 4 times a week, $150 per blast or $500 for 4 within 6 weeks (does not need to be the same ad)

NEIBA Trade Show E-Newsletter
Published one month before the show: Deadline August 19
     Full page    (8.5” x 11”)                  $300.00
      Half page    (6" x 4.5”)                   $200.00
      Quarter page    (3.5" x 5")             $100.00

NEIBA Trade Show Program
The Trade Show is held in late September or early October of each year. Exhibitors may advertise in the Trade Show program which is distributed to all attendees (800 printed in 2015). Ad deadline August 19; black & white

    Outside Back Cover                $1,100.00

    Each Inside Cover                   $800.00 (sold 2014)
    Full page    (8.5” x 11”)            $600.00
    Half page    (
6" x 4.5”)              $350.00
    Quarter page    (3.5" x 5")        $250.00

       Advertise in both the E-Newsletter & Program
               Printed Program Ads                  E-Newsletter Ads                         Both!
  Full Page - $600                         Full Page - $300                         $799
                 Half Page – $350                        Half Page - $200                        $499
                 Quarter Page - $250                   Quarter Page - $100                  $299

NEIBA Mailing List
NEIBA’s mailing list of about 350 booksellers in New England and New York is available for a one-time use. No copying or duplication or any type of reproduction is permitted; the list shall remain the sole property of New England Independent Booksellers Association.                  
The membership list is available in Excel format (Mac):
     Whole list                 $350.00
     Member stores         $250.00

*numbers are approximate.
** the complete list may contain numerous contacts per location & some addresses may no longer be valid

Contact Nan Sorensen at

New England Independent Booksellers Association
1955 Massachusetts Avenue, #2, Cambridge, MA  02140
(617) 547-3642; fax: (617) 547-3759         

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